What will your first appointment be like?

An initial naturopathic appointment will take an hour. It involves taking a complete health history - so be prepared for a chat! As time allows and your case permits Kirrily may also perform certain Naturopathic Investigations like Iridology, Zinc taste testing, pH acidity testing, blood typing and bio-impedence fat, muscle mass and hydration testing. Unfortunately these tests can't be done via distance -yet! Read this for more information on what naturopathy is.

In order to create the best Naturopathic Care Plan for you Kirrily will then collate all your results and if necessary, perform research on your personal case. Depending upon your case and what results or further research is necessary, you will receive a care plan in the initial appointment or at your follow up appointment. When you receive your personal care plan you will also be given an explanation of your dietary and natural medicine treatments, why they will make you feel great again and what your results mean about your health now and for the future.

Ongoing follow-up appointments are structured around your treatment plan, how well you are responding and your ongoing health needs. Your follow up appointment is usually 30minutes and may be 2 weeks or longer from your initial consultation.   


Kirrily works in clinic in Nabiac and she can also be reached for appointments via skype, facetime or phone. It is ideal for an initial appointment to be done face-to-face but if this isn't possible a distance initial appointment is also very easy and convenient for patients too. There is no charge on postage for any medicines prescribed at an initial distance consultation.