Protein Balls

I often recommend this recipe to patients who can't manage to get in protein with their brekky smoothie in the mornings or for those who just need a low GI, high protein snack. 2 daily is the equivalent of a serve of protein powder. Enjoy -you won't get any sugar lows with these lovely snacks!

What is a Naturopath? What is it exactly I do??

And there, in a nutshell is the beauty of Naturopathy- we go from the physical, body symptoms and medicines to something much deeper – your emotional health and wellbeing - your Whole health. On many different levels, my aim is to get you feeling well so you and your family can live your best life.

The bad news story of what foods aren’t safe during pregnancy

So ladies, this is the low-down on foods to steer clear of, or reduce during your pregnancy. Do the very best you can and if you need further advice see your naturopath or a qualified health professional.

Banana Ice Cream in minutes

Do you have a whole lot of ripe bananas at home you're wondering what to do with in a hurry?? My best tip for this is to pop them in the freezer and save them for when you have a few minutes to blend up this outrageously yummy dessert. My recipe uses 2 bananas but you can use as many as you have in the freezer. 

Are you suffering Christmas-fatigue too??

I'm officially on holidays now, having finished my last day in clinic for the year, so this post is more of a personal one. I wanted to share it, just incase it might help those suffering Christmas-fatigue like I was to have a new perspective on this silly season.  

Fast Food Naturopath-style

If you're anything like me- you want it all! I want super fast delicious meals, that don't cost the earth and will keep me and my family healthy. So, to offer myself and you some inspiration I have compiled a quick bullet point list...

Healthy Apple Crumble

The key to this dish really is the apples- try to find the best quality you can. Ideally they are fresh off the farm and organic. You will be blown away by how delicious they are! 


Wash, chop and core the apples into even, chunky slices. I prefer to keep the skin on the apples, but if this is a family dish for young toddlers, you will need to peel them too. Place onto a pot and almost fill with boiling water. Cook for around 10 minutes until apples are soft but not ‘mooshy’...

How well are you prepared to feel?! and 10 diet tricks to help you get there

I had a quiet moment the other day, in one of my favourite places- a café, watching passers-by.  And as I looked closely at people, I noticed some individuals looked less well, less ‘juicy’ as I like to call it, less bouncy even, than others. And I realized, there’s a lot of people out there who are prepared to accept a certain level of unwellness in their life...


A word on gluten, fluffy deliciousness and fibre…

My first thought when I get asked about gluten free diets is ‘eeeeeeek!’

…More than anything, I aim for my patients to have a diet full of variety and to feel confident about enjoying whole, fresh foods. Often I find the elimination of any food group can result in a more ‘mono’ diet and the slow creep of food fear.

So, hopefully this little post will help with that.  Gluten can often be a ‘driver’ of  symptoms of ill health. For all those suffering with bloating, vague constipation, skin conditions and allergies, it is definitely worth considering the role gluten plays in your diet. Why?? ...

My Mucous-Reducing Diet for Colds, Flu’s and lingering congestion…

Hello mid-Winter and the season of snot continues!! So, after my last blog post about how much I’m not feeling inspired about cold and flu remedies, well, I’ve just gotten re-inspired! I found this little beauty of a diet sheet in my handouts file the other day and I am very excited to share it with you.

a slightly different thought on natural cold and flu remedies

So, it’s the first week of winter for the year and it would be very appropriate for me to do a blog post about natural cold and flu remedies.

…but I just can’t build up the enthusiasm for it…. (I do, however, still have plenty of enthusiasm for my cold/flu tea recipe- how could I ever be bored of that?! You will find it a few paragraphs below.)

Instead, I would like to share with everyone my ‘convalescence’ handout...


The dilemma of feeling hungry and what our cravings are telling us…

Someone asked me the other day ‘… got anything to stop me feeling hungry?’

The Naturopath in me freeeeaaaks out at this question- hunger is our friend, the first step of the digestion cascade, essential for survival …blah blah blah. But taking off my tsk-ing Naturopath hat, I get it. So many people are struggling with their eating patterns...

The Ultimate Healthy Diet revisited…

A while ago I wrote an article for a magazine called ‘The Ultimate Healthy Diet’. Well, then, case closed huh? It’s in writing, there’s nothing more to discuss, hooray, what a short blog post! um… If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about diet over the years, it is that it’s constantly evolving as our lives do!

So what is a ‘healthy diet’, how do we have one and, most importantly, how do we make sure it stays like that??