How well are you prepared to feel?! and 10 diet tricks to help you get there



I had a quiet moment the other day, in one of my favourite places- a café, watching passers-by.  And as I looked closely at people, I noticed some individuals looked less well, less ‘juicy’ as I like to call it, less bouncy even, than others. And I realized, there’s a lot of people out there who are prepared to accept a certain level of unwellness in their life.

This got me thinking…. Complementary Medicine is for those individuals who are NOT prepared to accept that unwellness. They won’t accept niggling aches and pains that reduce their energy and ability to be active. They won’t accept monthly headaches followed by period pain and moodiness. They won’t accept fatigue and foggy thinking, low mood and poor skin. What’s really interesting about this though, is that we actually do accept it, to a point. Everyone has a different ‘turning point’ and a different threshold for what will launch them into action.

But my question is- Why do we wait? Why do we put up with unwellness? What is it that will make us want to change?

As I continued to people-watch I realized that what makes us want to live in wellnesss, is the belief that it is actually POSSIBLE for us.

Now, I’m not meaning that someone suffering with disability, chronic health conditions etc… is just ‘accepting’ illness. Far from it! These people are fighters to the highest degree! What I mean is, creating wellness for where your body is at, and where your life is at and believing that you can feel good, wherever you are at in life.

Wellness, I firmly believe and am constantly seeing the proof of, is there for all of us to achieve, no matter what concurrent conditions we may also have.  We just have to want it, to work for it and to actually believe it is possible for us. Wellness is there, for everyone. Not just for the very wealthy, the very educated, those with loads of spare time… wellness is possible for all of us!

Once I begin to talk about wellness with people, I notice thoughts begin to wander….

‘But I’m not sick ‘ is often one I hear people protesting with.

And, ‘I’m not stressed’ is another one….

But are you well and are you happy, is my point.

You may not have an infection, but you may not feel full of energy, creative and positive either. You may not be feeling stressed, but are you feeling peaceful, at your ideal weight, and waking up refreshed? Wellness is not just the absence of disease. Wellness is about quality of life.

So, if you’ve read this far of my post, I’m guessing you’re ready for me to ask you this question: How would you rate your wellness? Where in your life are you ‘putting up with’ unwellness?

Here are some really common ‘unwell’ symptoms a lot of people suffer from:

- food cravings including coffee and alcohol ‘overuse’

-weight issues; weight gain or weight loss

- poor quality sleep

- headaches

- muscle aches

-skin issues

-period pain

- digestive symptoms: diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, reflux, bloating

- moodiness, crankiness, weepiness


My question for you, lovely reader, is; why are you putting up with it???? Do you believe it is possible for you to be well? To feel well? To feel energized, refreshed and positive, as a way of life??

Wellness is my end-point aim for all my patients. My secret is that I want more for you than just to resolve the symptoms you came in to see me with. Secretly (well, not so secretly now!) I want you to feel great in all areas of your life, even if you’re still not quite convinced that’s possible yet!

So, as a starter… here’s a little sample of wellness in 10 simple dietary strategies.

Enjoy, good luck,

Yours in herbie wellness,

Kirrily x

10 Sustainable Dietary Changes for Wellness:

1. Include protein-rich foods in each meal or snack:

Protein foods include fish, seafood, poultry, lean meats, eggs, dairy and legumes.

2. Enjoy a minimum of three cups of fresh vegetables daily: Choose from a variety of vegetables and aim to have a rainbow of colours on your dinner plate.

3. Enjoy a minimum of two pieces or one cup of fresh fruit every day: Berries are an especially good choice as they are rich in antioxidants.

4. Limit starchy carbohydrates to two small serves per day: Aim for only 1 to 2 serves of bread, rice, pasta, cereal or potatoes daily.

5. Include healthy fats in your diet: Healthy fats are found in cold water fish, nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and cold pressed oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil. Aim for 1 to 2 tablespoons of good quality oils per day and limit nuts and seeds to a small handful daily.

6. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of pure water every day: Use natural flavourings such as fresh lemon, lime and mint in water instead of soft drinks and cordials. Reduce excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages to 1 to 2 per day.

7. Enjoy a ‘freedom’ meal once a week: A wellness program is a life-long diet and lifestyle program. Allow yourself one or two ‘treat’ meals per week. Remember, “You are what you most consistently eat”.

8. As much as possible, eat seasonal produce. Get to know your local green grocer, butcher and baker and source fresh foods that are in season and locally made from them. Let them inspire you! Ask them for recipes and their pick of the season- they will be more than happy to share their knowledge.

9. Learn to cook food you enjoy and create your own recipe file. It’s not about being a masterchef at home, just being able to feed yourself quick and healthy homemade meals that you like will make these changes last.

10. Try your hand at growing a salad mix, fresh herbs and tomatoes at home. These 3 choices, when picked as fresh as possible, will increase your intake of longevity antioxidants by leaps and bounds.

You can achieve wellness by making simple, sustainable changes to improve your energy, health and wellbeing over the long-term. Let me help you to live your best life!


“If I’d known I was going to live this long,
I would have taken better care of myself!”

                                                                  -Eubie Blake on his 100th Birthday!!!