Fast Food Naturopath-style

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If you're anything like me- you want it all! I want super fast delicious meals, that don't cost the earth and will keep me and my family healthy. So, to offer myself and you some inspiration I have compiled a quick bullet point list below - who doesn't love a bullet point list?! Have a read, and, if you have any of your own time-saving healthy meal ideas to share, feel free to add them in the comments section- the more merrier!


Speedy and Easy Food

  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Vegie sticks and Hummos
  • Toast with tuna and sprouts
  • Eggs on toast

These ideas will take a few more minutes, but if you make them in large quantities they will be instantly ready in your fridge

  • Make your own vegie dip: cook veg, blend with garlic, olive oil and spices of your own choice. Serve with cruskits or ryvitas
  • Salad with smoked salmon, fetta and oil/balsamic dressing
  • Green smoothies: my recipe for brekky – pea protein, goats milk, spirulina, banana, berries, cinnamon – google green smoothies for more creative ideas!
  • Pile of grated veg with olive oil and seeds sprinkled ontop
  • Oats and yogurt
  • Fresh veggie juices

These ideas may require a recipe if you’ve never made it before, but are sooo easy:

  • Crock-pot meals: you get the idea, veg and protein  and legumes 
  • Tinned lentils and quinoa ‘fried rice’ with grated veg mixed in
  • Vegie broths with (quality) frozen dumplings
  • Soup! Soup! Soup!
  • A Roast with heaps of root veggies and garlic
  • Healthy muffins – I have recipes for these
  • Baked fish with veg (all wrapped in foil together, drizzle with olive oil and spices- bake)
  • Veggie Stirfry and organic tofu


Yours herbally,  

Kirrily x