This ones for the blokes - My top 5 health tips for Men

This is a very quick run down of my top 5 health tips for men. I’ve kept it brief so hopefully you busy blokes will have enough time to have a quick read!


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1) Exercise – nothing will bust your stress better than getting moving. Even more effective- do it outside! Work off that anger, low mood or anxiety with a bit of cardio- you will be rewarded with more energy and clearer thinking as a result.


2) Eat well – do I really need to make this point?! Yes I do!!!! It is so easy to forget our first and most cost efficient medicine is our food! And no, this does not mean going to the RSL for a roast special. Eat fresh, eat local and make it low GI (high protein, high fibre)… if you’re lost for ideas check out some of my other blog posts!


3) Make sure you get adequate zinc – this is the male mineral ‘par excellence’. It is essential for fertility and hormonal balance, great skin and a healthy immune system. You can find plenty of zinc in oysters, red meat, turkey, nuts, tomatoes, eggs, sesame seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and more. If you keep coming down with infections and have some skin or hormone issues- a good quality Naturopathic zinc powder may be just the trick for you.


4) Get real about your stress levels- you don’t have to cope with it all, it is not a sign of weakness as a man to need some help or to need a break. The only person who will really know how you’re coping is you, until you tell someone else. So, go on, have a chat to a good friend or partner about how you really are. And if the truth is you’re struggling, it’s time to do something about it. Don’t waste another minute to living a stressed-out life.


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5) Watch your waist line- sorry guys, if you’re starting to have a middle-aged spread it is not cute, comfy or a sign of ‘the good life’. It’s a sign your body is overwhelmed with energy intake and so is storing it where it won’t be a nuisance; until you can’t do up your belt anymore! Not only that, but abdominal weight gain is a sign your liver is over-worked, your blood sugar balance is out and if you’re not already, you will soon have some energy and mood issues to deal with too. The good news is, for most men, if they act early and with the right advice they can drop weight fairly quickly. So, get rid of the beer belly and feel great again!


I hope all the men out there had a great Mo-vember and that you guys took the time to evaluate all aspects of your health this month – physical, mental and emotional. (and if this post has just reminded you – do it right now!! There is no price to be put on a healthy body and mind).


As always,

Yours naturally,