Are you suffering Christmas-fatigue too??


I'm officially on holidays now, having finished my last day in clinic for the year, so this post is more of a personal one. I wanted to share it, just incase it might help those suffering Christmas-fatigue like I was to have a new perspective on this silly season.  

Normally my Christmas style is a little more Christmas Grinch than Santa's Little Helper. I get overwhelmed at buying all the christmas gifts, the piles of junky toys and rubbishy foods get me down about humanity and I find christmas 'non-cheer' in all the repetitive christmas carols I can't seem to escape....groooaaaaaan! 

But for the second year in a row, my Christmas is no longer about me anymore. I have a little one, to somehow inspire and celebrate the magic of this time with....Help!! Last year he was a just a little too small to really get excited about things, but this year he has found December and all things Christmasy to be wonderful - and I've got to admit -it might just be rubbing off on me.

So, from what my lad has taught me this year, these are my top tips that make the festive season worth it in the end :) Enjoy x

1) Christmas lights are truly magical and should be enjoyed over and over again - wether it's the tiny tree in a window-sill or giant animated reindeer at shopping centres - all flashing lights are really really fun.

2) Santa might be scary in real life but seeing him on t.v., at the shops and anywhere else really, is thrilling and worth exclaiming about many times!

3)The best things about presents is the paper and shaking the unwrapped gift really hard  especially if it makes a noise when its shaken up.

4)The best way to enjoy festive food is to get stuck into a big bowl of berries and eat fistfuls of them, letting the juice dribble all the way down your front. 

5)Seeing all my family in one day, even though it might take awhile to stop feeling shy in front of them, really is the most exciting part of Christmas - especially when they want to play!


Have a great Christmas everyone, full of laughs, good food and loved ones.I'm looking forward to the New Year where many exciting herbie thoughts shall be shared

x Kirrily