What is a Naturopath? What is it exactly I do??

As a Naturopath I’m here to be the ‘bad news’ report about the way you’re looking after (or not looking after!) yourself. I’m also your cheer squad when you’re doing all your health homework and are seeing improvements. I’m your health-mirror, giving voice to your body that needs help and opening your eyes to habits and deficiencies that are creating your symptoms. I have many methods to help describe what's going on in your body, some of these include the use of Iridology, pH assessments, zinc taste testing, Bio-impedence analysis and more involved testing like hair mineral analysis, and blood tests.  Having qualified as a Naturopath, I've majored in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Health Science, so I’m your qualified encyclopaedia of all things natural health, herbal, dietary, and your how-to guide to help you safely and effectively utilise these treatments.  I’m here to roll all that into a plan that fits you personally, to create lasting health change, that won't interact with any medications you may be on. I’m here to help and maybe even have a laugh while we’re at it!


And what is it exactly I do for my patients??

My favourite plan of attack for improving health has got to be my uniquely alcohol-free herbal liquid formulas. Based on a combination of traditional empirical knowledge and recent herbal medicine research I choose the most suitable herbs and dosages for your condition/health goals and mix a personal formula to meet your needs.  They may taste abit strange but are very effective! If you would like more of an understanding about herbal medicine, check out this link; http://www.nhaa.org.au/public/information-resources/what-is-herbal-medicine.


My other top treatment is to have a good look at your diet. And I don’t mean to take all your fun away, but food is medicine and long term it will be the key and most cost effective treatment to maintain your good health.  So, I will often get my patients to keep a diet diary and will give them some effective dietary adjustments to follow.


Also, there are many practical lifestyle techniques I teach patients that will improve their health. Certain topical treatments, yoga postures, essential oil inhalations, sinus rinses, abdominal massage etc… that are specific to conditions and will make a surprisingly big difference to how you feel when done regularly. My greatest passion in this area is fertility education. It is such an easy technique that will support a healthy cycle throughout all stages of fertility.


My next step is improving your body’s nutritional status with any needed individual nutrients. More than just meeting adequate levels of nutrition, these vitamins have a therapeutic benefit and can  improve many symptoms. (Feel like doing some reading on this?? Check out the Linus Pauling Institute website here http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/ from the Oregan State University for the most recent nutrient research.) Specific nutrient prescriptions are often either tablets or powders of the highest quality natural supplements. 


While all these treatments are essential, my main aim for my patients is to give them the information they need and the insight to help them change their habits. I have come to realise that more than just the medicines, the consultation time patients have with me is where the real transformation happens. Deep, lasting health change has to begin in the mind, the emotions and the heart. The barriers we believe are there preventing us living healthier lives can be managed and overcome – it’s just a matter of uncovering what they really are. It is key that I create a treatment plan that is actually manageable for my patients so they can continue to improve. That’s why I will ask you many involved questions about yourself and your life. Issues that may have seemed irrelevant often come up in consultations about my patients health. When I am discussing wellbeing - all parts of our life and lifestyle are important.  


And there, in a nutshell is the beauty of Naturopathy- we go from the physical, body symptoms and medicines to something much deeper – your emotional health and wellbeing - your whole health. On many different levels, my aim is to get you feeling well so you and your family can live your best life.… Is it time you saw a Naturopath and got yourself back on track?