Manage your hormones from the couch. Or anywhere really.

Manage your hormones from the couch. Or anywhere really with my distance naturopathy consultations.

Chat to me in your pjs when bub is having a walk with nanna, in between meetings at work, from your car in the carpark when you’re between school pick up and errands, or at the airport lounge as you wait for that flight. Let’s make this work, make your health and hormones the priority they should be and get you back on track.

I’m a Naturopath who specialises in women’s and children’s health and my plan is to make it as easy as possible for women to be feeling great again. Don’t let your monthly bleed and the days before hand be that slap across the face reminding you that your hormones are messed up. Or help yourself recover after birth and manage your fatigue, weight and fluctuating hormones. Or deal with those ever present menopausal symptoms. Get in touch and make an appointment with me. I do video call consultations and post out hormone care packages wherever they are needed.

I don’t prescribe a huge amount of supplements, I don’t prescribe crazy impossible diets and I don’t cost the earth. I just do simple, practical lifestyle advice, effective herbal and nutrient prescriptions and research based nutrition plans. I have a Bachelor of Naturopathy and have completed further studies in Natural Fertility Education, Paediatric Nutrition and Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation Nutrition.

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Conditions I work with:

Womens Hormonal Health – PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, period pain, PMS

Natural Fertility

Weight management


Digestive symptoms – bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS

Make an appointment today and let me help you return to wellness