The bad news story of what foods aren’t safe during pregnancy

So ladies, this is the low-down on foods to steer clear of, or reduce during your pregnancy. Do the very best you can and if you need further advice see your naturopath or a qualified health professional.

a slightly different thought on natural cold and flu remedies

So, it’s the first week of winter for the year and it would be very appropriate for me to do a blog post about natural cold and flu remedies.

…but I just can’t build up the enthusiasm for it…. (I do, however, still have plenty of enthusiasm for my cold/flu tea recipe- how could I ever be bored of that?! You will find it a few paragraphs below.)

Instead, I would like to share with everyone my ‘convalescence’ handout...


The Ultimate Healthy Diet revisited…

A while ago I wrote an article for a magazine called ‘The Ultimate Healthy Diet’. Well, then, case closed huh? It’s in writing, there’s nothing more to discuss, hooray, what a short blog post! um… If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about diet over the years, it is that it’s constantly evolving as our lives do!

So what is a ‘healthy diet’, how do we have one and, most importantly, how do we make sure it stays like that??