Your Naturopath through space, time and distance!

…okay well maybe I haven’t mastered Space yet. BUT I have mastered distance and time! I’m moving online folks, creating a more sustainable business for me and my family and for all my wonderful patients too!

 I have travelled around Sydney the last five years or so working in over 6 -yes SIX!- different locations and with some wonderful colleagues and great clinic systems. I have learnt over this time that I’m okay with moving around a lot(!) and while I have some extremely dedicated patients who have followed me around the traps, I don’t want to keep doing this to you all. So, as me and my family are doing yet another move – this time a more permanent Sea/Tree Change to the beautiful Mid North Coast – I’m actually going to be keeping my practice in St Ives as well.

 I will be doing monthly in-clinic sessions in St.Ives, on the first Saturday of each month (or the closest non public holiday Saturday). The rest of the time I will be working from home keeping up with my patients VIA DISTANCE or face-to-face- if you feel like visiting Nabiac! This is something I have been wanting to try for awhile and since commiting to it, I’m getting rave reviews! I prefer for my initial consultations to be face-to-face still but I can do purely distance consults if needed (my international patients will agree with me on this one).  The benefit of doing distance appointments for follow-ups and check-ins means that no one needs to organize a babysitter, sort out their transport, make the hike to St.Ives if you’re not close by, re-arrange their work schedule or any schedule really, to be able to check in and make sure they’re getting the results they should be as well as dosing correctly, charting their cycle correctly and checking in on their diet.

 Will I still be making up herbs or supplement packs? YES! As individually formulated herbs are integral to what I do, I most certainly will be continuing to make my formulas. If there’s no rush for you I can leave them at the clinic at the beginning of each month to pick up when it's easy. Or I can post them out. If you order two or more products there won’t be a charge for postage, otherwise it is a flat fee of $10.


Still have questions or would like to make an appointment or re-order your Natural Medicines?

Give me a call on 0401 815 401 or email on


Yours in Good health, over long distances and unusual times, from a spectacular Rural-Coastal setting,

Kirrily x